Sculpture Gardens

Part of the vision for 13th Street Winery is to provide our guests with a unique experience that stimulates all the senses, not just taste. With this in mind we designed the grounds surrounding the winery to feature a permanent exhibit of spectacular sculptures. We currently have over fifteen outdoor sculptures on display and we invite our guests to take a moment, perhaps with a glass of wine in hand, to explore our art collection featuring the works of Karoly Veress, Floyd Elzinga, Dan Solomon, Ken Hall, Ronald Boaks and Ilan Averbuch.

Ask for a copy of our Art brochure when you are here and discover the art situated on our grounds.

The Art

The artwork found on the inside 13th Street Winery is rotated throughout the year and features original works by various Canadian artists.

13th Street is proud to have had the opportunity to display works from the following artists: Michael Adamso, Gary Blundell, Ronald Boaks, David Bolduc, Nicole Katsura, Joseph Drapell, William Ronald, Floyd Elzinga, Sarah Phelps, and Dan Solomon. We are also thrilled to have a collection of permanent sculptures on the property by Karoly Veress, Floyd Elzinga, Dan Soloman, and Ilan Averbuch.

The Table

The focal point of the Gallery Room is the majestic 18-foot, 1300 lb (half-ton) solid slab hardwood table made from Indonesian hardwood. The wood is a tropical hardwood known as Kayu Meh; Kayu means wood in Indonesia and Meh is the species of tree. It is not cut from the rainforest but rather grows very fast and is found on small farms and in villages much like a Maple tree in Canada. This impressive table seats 20 people comfortably and is ideal for a private dinner or corporate meeting.