Grapes of Wrath

Grapes of Wrath – Niagara’s Extreme Survival Race isn’t your average charity run. This 5K extreme run demands endurance to trek through hill and valleys, splash through winding streams, courage to overcome uncompromising obstacles, and a complete lack of shame to sludge through dirt and mud all in the name of a good cause. Designed by ex-military professionals and hardcore runners, the race challenges you and tests your resilience, strength, stamina, camaraderie, mental toughness, and your ability to have fun in the face of hardship. Participants may choose to run solo or as part of a team. Supporting this exciting and inspiring event strengthens a strong community of people striving to reach a common goal – to beat cancer and FIGHT BACK! There Will Be Mud… There will be Pain… And You’ll NEVER Be the Same. CAN YOU HANDLE IT?