Elevate Your Charcuterie Enjoy Box

Enhance your charcuterie with some of our favourite products.

  • 1 bottle June’s Riesling
  • 1 bottle Gamay
  • 13th Street Gamay Wine Jelly
  • Three Little Figs Vegan Fig Salami
  • Denninger’s Salami
  • Kozlik’s Triple Crunch Mustard
  • Laid Back Snacks
  • Sable and Rosenfield Tipsy Tapas Cheese Stuffed Peppers
  • l’atelier du Cuisinier No4 Tapas – Mussels with Ginger and Espelette Pepper
  • L’Atelier du Cuisinier No1 Tapas – Clams with Tomato Confit
  • John Macy’s Cheese Crisps


This product is packed in our attractive Enjoy gift box and includes free shipping within Ontario.

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Order 12 or more bottles and save 10%