Kappo Sato Dinner with Chef Takeshi Sato

Kappo finds its roots in the traditional Japanese cooking method characterized by precision cutting and meticulous
boiling. Kappo chefs are not merely culinary experts; they are masters of a culinary tradition deeply intertwined
with Japanese culture, encompassing an understanding of seasonality, ingredient quality, tea ceremonies, and the
art of flower arrangement.

Chef Takeshi Sato’s culinary journey began at a Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant in Tokyo. In 2011 he embarked
to Canada, taking on the role of the official chef at the Japanese Consulate General in Toronto. Since 2013, he has
held the esteemed position of Head Chef at Zen Japanese Restaurant.

In 2022, Chef Takeshi Sato’s long-held dream came true: he opened his own restaurant, Kappo Sato. Chef Takeshi Sato is a multifaceted professional, holding qualifications as a tea ceremony master, a skilled flower
arranger, a certified sommelier, and an international sake master. With over two decades of experience as a
distinguished Japanese chef, he brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to his craft.

It is our honour to have Chef visit 13th Street and prepare a special Kappo menu for our guests. Each course will be paired with a 13th Street wine.

Kappo Sato, located in Toronto was named No. 1 by Air Canada for Canada’s Best New Restaurants and it was awarded a Michelin Star in 2023.