2017 Burger Blend Riesling / Pinot Grigio
2017 Burger Blend Rose
2017 Burger Blend Gamay Pinot Noir

13th Street Winery BURGER BLEND

Back in the late 90’s Erv Willms, one of 13th Street Winery’s original owners and winemakers, produced a delicious “mulligan stew” (his words not ours) of a wine which incorporated pretty much every red variety in the winery’s stables. Each vintage this popular blend sold out quickly. In 2013, after a long hiatus, we decided to bring back Burger Blend!  The decision was made to bring back Burger Blend partly due to its past popularity (we had loyal fans asking for it) and partly because we wanted a wine that would complement wholesome everyday food like a delicious burger. 

Initially we only produced a red version – a blend of two grape varieties: Gamay Noir and Pinot Noir. Since not all burger eaters crave a glass of red, we created a white blend from the 2016 vintage specifically for pairing with burgers and burger-friendly occasions. With the 2017 harvest we added Burger Blend Rosé to the line up.

For us, “burgers” all any type evoke memories of backyard barbeques, of sunshine and warm evenings, of good food and laughter with friends and family. We wanted to produce a series of quality VQA wines that represent excellent value, would bring out the best in whatever type of burger you chose and would be enjoyed by everyone!

Treat your burger with respect … serve it with 13th Street Burger Blend!