2017 Gamay Vin Gris


The result of classic white wine-making techniques used on red grapes

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  • APPELLATION: VQA Creek Shores
  • VINEYARD(S): Whitty Vineyards
  • GRAPE VARIETY(IES): 100% Gamay Noir
  • BRIX AT HARVEST: 20.0°
  • RESIDUAL SUGAR: 3 grams (dry)


The aromas are fruity, starting with banana and opening up to reveal notes of fresh strawberries and raspberries. The wine is fermented totally dry and is supported by a bright acidity with almost no noticeable tannin. Enjoy this wine lightly-chilled in its youth to fully express the fresh aromatics and lively flavours of this unique style of wine.


From an early pick of our Whitty Vineyard in Creek Shores, our Vin Gris is the result of classic white wine-making techniques used on red grapes – full bunches put into the press, free run juice collected and a very soft pressing, resulting in just the faintest tint of pink. The wine was bottled in March 2018 following a light fining and filtration.


The winter of 2016/2017 was again mild, yet a cool spring delayed bud-burst. Once the summer finally started it was relatively cool and rainy. Luckily September saw full sun and heat warm the vines to complete phenolic ripeness. Harvest started late in mid-September, commencing with Pinot and Chardonnay for sparkling and continued with other whites and early-ripening reds. The beautiful weather lasted well into the fall, allowing for long hang time for later ripening varieties. Overall yields were moderate to high with very high quality throughout. The wines are characterized by both freshness and structure across the portfolio, with potential for enjoyable early consumption or the opportunity to cellar wines for the medium-to-long-term.

Gamay Vin Gris 2017


Gamay Noir

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